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GComm Polaris LED Light
POLARIS ® LEDs technology the only one light for dental application with colour temperature (4.200-6.000 Kelvin) and light intensity (8.000-35.000 lux) adjustment. Recent studies have shown that by adjusting the colour temperature in surgery treatments increases concentration and contrasts between different soft tissues. Absence of UV (UltraViolet) and IR (InfraRed) radiation with consequent increase of comfort. Lifetime of our LEDs are about 50.000 hours compared to a good halogen bulb which last between 3000-5000 hours.
  POLARIS ® LEDs is made entirely in aluminum which can be dust painted in all RAL colors and handgrips can be sterilized. Several application can be performed, i.e. wall mounting, ceiling mounting, cart mounting or unit mounting. Movements on three axis makes POLARIS ® very flexible in each positions.
Complete kit Available (with arm) $2400.00

GComm Polaris LED Light (light head only)

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