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NSK designed and engineered the new NL9000 to be simply the best air turbine handpiece you can buy and the innovative leader in design and efficiency. The newly developed Dual Air Drive System generates unmatched 22W of efficient and powerful torque, while an internal regulating valve ensures that the air pressure is controlled effectively. Together with ceramic bearings, these features result in a longer lasting, higher performance turbine and offers a level of performance that you've never experienced before. Brighter cellular optics also assures you uninterrupted visibility to every part of treatment field. Quattro Water Spray provides optimum cooling effect with mist-like fine water droplets. And, incredibly lightweight, delicately curved Arc-line solid titanium body lets you keep an ideal head and grip angle even when working on hard-to-access spot. Every feature of NL9000 is so designed as to make your operation easier, faster and stress-free.


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