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Tuttnauer 2540M Refurbished Manual Autoclave
  The Tuttnauer 2540M sterilizer offers fast, safe, dependable steam sterilization for your medical clinic, physician office, surgery center, dental office, veterinary practice, industrial lab or tattoo shop.
  This is an extremely versatile bench top autoclave, offering analog controls and providing a safe and convenient method for the sterilization of surgical instruments, solids and liquids, media, instruments, glassware, clothing or waste.
This autoclave has been through our careful refurbishment process as follows :
  Thorough inspection of ALL components, cosmetics and functionality.
Replace all worn or bad parts.
Sand and paint the frame and chassis as needed.
Clean reservoir tank by removing debris and particulates.
Clean and polish chamber and reservoir. Blow out all lines.
Replace safety mechanisms, controls, relays, condenser tube, overheat thermostat, valves, switches, filters and all other parts as needed.
Clean and lubricate all moving parts.
Inspect and repair all pressure and water leaks.
Check and lube door closure. Replace door gasket.
Test and calibrate to manufacturer's specifications.
Repeated cycle testing for added assurance.
Complete spore testing at various positions within the chamber.

Tuttnauer 2540m Manual Autoclave

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